Community, structure, and love are just a few things Black Churches and their audiences rely upon consistently; but the world around us is changing. Is your church ready to adapt? Are you ready to trailblaze?

Black Church Leader

was designed to bring light and life into the lives of our Black Churches, members and communities. With technology that is ever-changing and an evolving world around that is constantly taking on new molds, structures, work flows and ways of engagement, it can be easy for the essence of our Black Churches to slip between the cracks.

We believe helping churches to blaze trails in adapting to modern change is the solution.

By training leaders to see beyond the challenges and work toward triumph and practical , impactful engagement, we can encourage transformation in our immediate and broader communities, personally and spiritually. We have the power to change the way that our churches engage, impact and transform.

How Can I Serve You?

Black Millennial Café provides churches and organizations with the opportunities for relative, cutting-edge professional development training sessions specifically designed to help with adaptation such as Digital Discipleship, Hybrid Ministry in a Post-COVID world, Virtually Staff and Volunteer Training, and more. We want to help your church or organization to thrive in a way that makes you accessible to your community and a model to the world around you. It’s time to level up!



Tier 1

  • 1 Monthly Webinar ​



Tier 2

  • 1 Monthly Webinar ​

  • 1 Rapid Group Coaching Session​



Tier 3

  • 1 Monthly Webinar​

  • 1 Rapid Group Coaching Session​

  • 1 Monthly Service or Event Programmed (Automated)





Tier 4

  • 1 Monthly Webinar​

  • 1 Rapid Group Coaching Session​

  •  1 Monthly One-On-One Service or Event Programmed (Client's Choice)



All Tier Benefits

  • Tier 1

    Starting with the basics, Tier 1 provides Black Churches and organizations with an essential first look at all of the foundational information that you need to know in order to find success in specific areas relative to the times. This also comes with and pdf companion, allowing you to work through the concepts with your team. With a monthly webinar focusing on subjects created to help you to train your team in new, intelligent ways, your operation will thrive.

  • Tier 2

    Our second tier affords the opportunity to share our monthly webinar and pdf companion in addition to a rapid group coaching session. This rapid group session allows us to share specific concepts, accompanying the webinar, led by a consultant as we work through the concepts according to your context.

  • Tier 3

    Our third tier provides your church or organization with benefits from Tiers 1 and 2, along with a worship service, service opportunity or event planned for you. This additional service will allow me to strategically inform and plan the timeline, social media prompts, script for promotional videos, and details of your event. This benefit is the perfect choice to help your church or organization to provide innovative experiences to expand your outreach in a changing environment, delivered to you without hiring someone new.

  • Tier 4

    Our final tier is the staple point of Black Millennial Café. This fourth tier allows me to provide you with all benefits of Tier 3; however, the planned event is completely custom to your desires. We will give you a personalized worship experience, event, or outreach opportunity with a 1:1 hour in order to discuss the details of your custom creation.

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