Church Leaders across the U.S. are struggling with the challenges of digital discipleship and hybrid ministry. Transformational training packages are now available as a subscription

Are you trying hard to overcome challenges in your church but falling short?

Do you want to improve your ministry impact with your church and community?

Are you looking for an easier way to build a continuous professional development plan for your team?

So many Black Church Leaders are dragging the heavy cross that they’ve been dealt this year. Ministry in churches across the world has changed. But it’s hit Black churches and communities really hard.


And no matter what you try, you can’t find the way to create a smooth-running hybrid ministry. Caring for multiple congregations that are struggling with mental, emotional, and physical health has never been harder than it is today.

But what if there was a subscription service for Black church leaders that handed you the keys to a better future? A future where…


… You can give all the care and love your community needs


… You can easily manage in-person and virtual worship (because that’s not changing anytime soon)


… You have access to reliable data to drives your decisions and teaching

You don’t have to imagine this service, because we’ve developed Black Church Leader Subscriptions to help you realize that future for yourself, your leadership team, your church, and your community. Check it out…

What makes the training and coaching in Black Church Leader so special?

Everything we teach in our webinars and coaching sessions is based on reliable data from the latest study on the state of the Black church completed in 2021.


This study is important because it’s the first study of the Black church in 21 years! The information and data contained in this study has to drive the way you operate your church, right?


But you asked what makes it so special. Here’s what... The webinars are hosted by the lead researcher of that study, Rev. Dr. Bri Parker.

Training Faith Leaders for Transformation

With a Black Church Leader Subscription, you can get access to monthly:

  • Training Webinars and workbooks
  • Group Coaching for your team
  • Worship Planning
  • Event Planner

It’s an all-in-one package that gives you data-driven methods and solutions to your church’s specific challenges.

Black Church Leader can transform your church through powerful training (but where's the proof?)

Black Church leader is a brand new service. It’s the first of its kind in the world. So sure, we don’t have proof this exact model works right now. But we do have proof that a data-driven approach to professional development within Black church leadership teams does.


We’ve helped…

With so much experience under our belt and data to show us this model will work, we’re confident to offer a subscription service that offers affordable coaching to more Black churches across the United States.


So that leaves you two choices:


❌ Hang around waiting to see if Black Church Leader helps other churches but risk missing out on the limited spaces we have available




✅ Sign up today, become an early adopter and reap the benefits your church and community will feel on the back of your committed learning and development


So what will it be?

Secure your subscription today and don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity

But if solid proof is your thing…

Check out what these Black church leaders have to say about working with us…

"Rev. Bri is a researcher, influencer, and pacesetter who is helping the Black church to thrive through her unfettered commitment to provide innovative ministry tools to meet the needs of the 21st century. Her ground-breaking empirically based data is a much-needed and accessible resource to and for the Black church. Most importantly, she is a woman of faith with a mission and a heart to help God's people."


Rev. Dr. Gina M. Stewart

"How does Rev. Bri help the Black Church thrive? Rev Bri helps the Black Church thrive by giving us data to make informed decisions for vision and focus that are not simply emotive choices. Her research will keep leaders from cultivating ministry based on what they believe is popular and will focus on what is needed. Rev. Bri will assist the church in scratching what is itching when it comes to the people of your particular context of ministry."

Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr.

"Dr. Brianna Parker is undeniably the church whisperer. She has an uncanny knack for pulling churches out of comas of comfortability to confront the shifts in society. Her delivery of raw informed data is cherry flavored cod liver oil , it doesn’t taste good but in the end we’re all able to do better."

Rev. Jamal H. Bryant

"Reverend Bri is on the cutting edge as a ministry thought leader who is very much needed in our current ethos. She has the experience, exposure, and expertise to take your church to the next level of efficiency!"


Rev. Dr. Charley Hames Jr.

See your subscription in action…

Hours of research, hundreds of surveys,
thousands of pieces of data

One Subscription

Hours of research went into collating the data to create the 2021 report on the state of the Black church. It’s this exact data that we share in our monthly training webinars and coaching sessions. We’ve wrapped all those hours into bitesize digestible pieces of training in our monthly subscriptions.


The value of the information packed into each month’s sessions is immeasurable. But we can give you a breakdown of normal costs for the elements included in your subscription:


from $125 each

That’s over $1,500 of services available in much more affordable packages!


Subscribing to Black Church Leader today means you can secure a lower price, higher value, and continued development for your church.

Meet your host and research expert
Rev. Dr. Brianna K. Parker

Hey friend!

I’m Rev Bri and I’m so excited to be your host on your upcoming monthly webinars and/or coaching session. As the CEO of Black Millennial Cafe (BMC) and Lead Researcher of Barna’s State of the Black Church Study, I’ve got a lot to share with you.


Black Church Leader offers an affordable way to get face time with me. It’s Training for Faith Leaders for Transformation.


I want to help you achieve your goals. What I’ll be teaching you over the coming months and years will help you shape your church and community in the best way possible for growth and success with transformational training.


I can’t wait to help you no matter what subscription you choose.

At the beginning of 2020, nobody could have predicted what was about to come

Covid affected churches across the world. Churches that had processes in place for disasters rode the storm a little better than those that had no plan at all. Churches that used a data-backed approach to transformational growth and development were able to adapt faster. So they could support their congregations and community through some pretty rough times.


Other churches fumbled around, unsure of how to take control or cope with the extreme challenges they faced. But what’s worse is that some were paralyzed. Unable to support all their congregation. Unable to offer worship. Unable to give the love and care their community needed at such a low time.


Black Church Leader membership helps more churches get the information they need to avoid these devastating situations going forward. How? By using data to provide solutions and models you can use to navigate smoothly out of challenging situations.


So ask yourself this question: Does the monthly cost of membership to Black Church Leader outweigh the pains and struggles you’d feel if you didn’t pay it?


If you said yes, it’s time to choose a subscription package that suits the needs of your church and leadership team.

What’s the ROI (Return on Investment)?

The financial ‘return on investment’ is not and will never be the intention of Black Church Leader. Your ROI will be seen in your community engagement and the professional development of your leadership team.


The monthly cost of this subscription is an investment in people.


It’s an investment in increasing the impact of your ministry and how this positively affects your congregation and the wider community.


Do you think this is an investment worth making?

See if this special offer makes your decision easier...


Choose your subscription package today and secure your lifetime Early Bird discount …

All the benefits summarized for you...


  • Tier 1

    Starting with the basics, Tier 1 provides Black Churches and organizations with an essential first look at all of the foundational information that you need to know in order to find success in specific areas relative to the times. This also comes with and pdf companion, allowing you to work through the concepts with your team. With a monthly webinar focusing on subjects created to help you to train your team in new, intelligent ways, your operation will thrive.

  • Tier 2

  • Tier 3

    Our third tier provides your church or organization with benefits from Tiers 1 and 2, along with a worship service, service opportunity or event planned for you. This additional service will allow me to strategically inform and plan the timeline, social media prompts, script for promotional videos, and details of your event. This benefit is the perfect choice to help your church or organization to provide innovative experiences to expand your outreach in a changing environment, delivered to you without hiring someone new.

  • Tier 4

    Our final tier is the staple point of Black Millennial Café. This fourth tier allows me to provide you with all benefits of Tier 3; however, the planned event is completely custom to your desires. We will give you a personalized worship experience, event, or outreach opportunity with a 1:1 hour in order to discuss the details of your custom creation.

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